Nationality: British (Italian origins). 
College: Sheffield University .
CLE Postgrad studies 
Training: Camden School of Art
Hampstead School of Art

Paintings & Design- Art pieces including large-scale sculptural installations in collaboration with Spina.

Forthcoming Exhibitions
Maison et Objet . Paris Jan 2007
British Embassy, Kuwait Nov 2006

Decorex International, London. Sept 2006
Maison et Objet ,Paris. Jan 2006
Decorex International ,London. Sept 2005
Maison et Objet ,Paris .Jan 2005
Decorex International Sept 2004
Harrods London Dec 2004
British Embassy ,Paris. June 2004
Tuillerie Gardens, Louvre, Paris March 2004
Pitti Casa, Florence April 2004
Maison et Objet Paris Jan 2004
5th Av New York Dec 2003
London Metropolitan University Exhibition, London Nov 2003
Decorex International Sept 2003
Mango Mediators group show, Shoreditch June 2003
Cable Street Studio Gallery July 2003
Vertigo Gallery: '30 x 30' Dec 13th 02
Cable Street Gallery.July 2002
Century Gallery.'Inner Circle'group show June 2002
Justin De Blank: One man show May-June 2001
Jibby Beane Contemporary Art. Group show:Feb 2001
Art 2001: group show.
Vertigo Gallery: 'The Dreamtime'one-man show.July 2000
Solaris: May 2000
Sicily: Contemp Culture exhibition. Sept 99.

Intercontinental Park Lane, London. Rhodes Resataurant at the Cumberland, Marble Arch,London.Private Palace Dubai. KPMG (London), Weight Watchers (USA) Byfhkova Collection (Moscow) Patra Selections( London) Big Design Corporation (London) 

Many private commissions undertaken from Russia to Australia including Design- Art Crystal Light Sculptures & Installations. 

Publications & Features.
World of Interiors Dec 2006
Maison Francaise Nov 2006
Sunday Times August 2005
Architectural Digest AD (Italy) July 2005
Elle Decoration Feb 2004
Fabric Magazine May 2003
The Telegraph. Sept 2003
The London Magazine April 2003
Sunday Times Jan 2003
Evening Standard 13th August 2002
Sunday Times feature May 2002
TV documentary : British Lifestyle for Japan: Feb 2001
'Now' channel interview . Jan 2001.
Perfect Home:Feature Oct 2001
Saturday Telegraph feature March 2001.

Artist statement:
My work is inspired by emotional response to beauty, whether it be from the expanse of nature or even from the glint in glass. The paint, the canvas or the materials I use extend my perception, investigating colour or materials as worthy in themselves creating inroads to perceptions of a private sometimes decadent universe, a world, which becomes more intimate yet more expansive at the same time. 
I am captivated by contradiction and diversity ; from the simplicity of the Aboriginal tradition to the rich flamboyancy of textures inherant in the interior world ;a million miles removed. These influences are paradoxically the same , an emphasis on the importance of outward form. At times the differences can dissolve; and you feel that beneath the surface; like the memory of a dream, lies a mixed subtle beauty almost intelluctal to mesmerise and tease a little. 

When I paint I have two distinct tecniques I use to apply the acrylics and oils; delicate swirls and dots,mixed with much stronger marks produced from my brush-end as I reveal layers beneath. In this way I build up a very visable depth.This unusual distillation eventually unites momentarily and hints at the completion of the piece. 
A corresponding corollary results when I create large installation pieces, sometimes of a temporary nature, only to be seen from almost a decorative standpoint yet fleetingly haunting for the exhibition visitor, unseemingly lodged in their psyche . Months of preparation for a few days of high drama. Exhausting production times are repaid by lasting memory imprints on the viewer.

Commissions come from very diverse sources and personalities. Painting or installations by commission create a subtle and unique connection with the person and their world. My attachment to the work is very real.Finally handing over the piece is difficult until I know the recipient feels the same towards the piece as I did to create it.

Critical commentary. 
'...Spirituality inspires Zito's work as he attempts to interpret the eloquence, confusion and beauty of our existence. In turn his inspiration is life itself; the ethereal and spiritual rather than the plastic and tangible. The results often creates what can almost be described as portals to a different plane, almost prayer-like in the make-up of repetitious brushwork...
.... images .. are worked and re-worked in layer upon layer of complex shape and colour....serenity and confusion are at work together..
..our response to his work is as charged as the creative process by which they were made......Ruth Delaney. critic Dec 2003

''......The enthusiasm and exuberance that spring from Zito's canvasses are positively uplifting. Imbued with a a convincing sense of colour, his work is a welcome addition to the London art world. ... and is remarkable.' ......Peppe Orru. Journalist Jan 2004

>Joe Zito has been the subject of a large body of press as well as a TV documentary about his work and achievements. 

Represented for two years by celebrated gallerista and socialite Jibby Beane, Zito's work has a gentle uniqueness.

Aquired for the collections of corporate institutions as well as in private ownership Zito's work has gained a wide recognition as he continues to hold regular exhibitions throught his associate design company Spina.